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Main Features

  • Raspberry Pi module
  • Raspian OS (or whatever you prefer)
  • Internal 2 USB for WiFi, memory-stick or BT
  • 2 external USB
  • Micro USB for normal charging
  • 3400 mah battery LION for 8+ hour use
  • Pin-header with I/O for expansion of small HW solutions made by YOU!
  • G-sensor, accelerometer, GPS, GSM, RFID etc. IT’S UP TO YOU!!!
  • 2 stereo loudspeaker
  • Jack-connector for external loudspeaker and microphone


What is RaspiTab?

RaspiTab is a 100% hackable 7” tablet with a capacitive touch screen. Add your own sensors and develop software for it without ruining the clean lines of the chassis. Want to get hands on with the hardware? It’s only four screws away – the Raspitab is designed to be taken apart!

With RaspiTab, any newly added software or hardware are developed and added to the RaspiTab. You no longer have to be locked by the “PLAY” store. You can now let you community or customer, free of charge, download the software. RaspiTabs internal space for new hardware made by you, adds freedom to take RaspiTab to a whole new level. With your own hardware and software you will be able to get RaspiTab anywhere to enjoy your content.

With two internal USBs, a 26 pin GPIO header and ample room for prototyping, your ideas can develop into entirely new products with the help of Raspitab.

Spacious internal design means you can add new sensors and components with ease.

RaspiTab also comes with the Raspberry Pi’s popular 5 megapixel camera module. Take photos, make videos or use any community software or code designed to take advantage of this amazing add-on.